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Server-side PHP script for the account type «Listener»

Download our server-side script, put it into your server and connect to your project

Run it within PHP of version 7.*.*

php {path/to/script}/server.php -php_command php

Parameter -php_command means to your PHP interpretator with the version not less than 7.*.*
If you will either try to run the script with lower version or pass the path to interpretator with the wrong version, you will get the error.

For instance, if you have PHP of 7.1 version by path /usr/bin/php71, than you need to run script like this:

/usr/bin/php71 ~/ -php_command /usr/bin/php71

This script will output all received / sent information. If you would like to run it and forget, then add > /dev/null & at the end of the command

/usr/bin/php71 ~/ -php_command /usr/bin/php71 > /dev/null &

That's all!