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Roadmap of the service

Found issue / improvement Planned to next release Delivered feature / fixed issue Declined feature / issue
Feature / improvement Bug

Registration of accounts
Additional accounts within main account with stricter rights
Password protection of workspace
Connect workspaces to email
Premium workspaces
Highlight tasks in dropdown, if task is run now
Email notifications with signals
Getting filesize before cat / head command and showing of preloader
Option for "cat" command - show numbers of the lines
Sorting by some fields (not only by one)
View themes with different colors
Possibility of renaming columns within log results
Detection of data types (e.g. json) and nice view of it
UI: collapsing of left column for non-wide screens
Group operations / charts for logs
Temporary tasks inside main task (e.g. for search)
Different formats for downloading of logs (csv, xls, etc.)
Using regexp`s for line / blocks delimiters
Prepare CURL library / server-side script as composer packages